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Wednesday, December 12, 2018 at 11:59pm

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Menu for the Week of December 9th & December 16th

Marcus Wright

Chief Executive Officer

Weekly Specials

A. Memphis Sweet BBQ Chicken - Lean chicken breast grilled to perfection, with a Memphis Sweet BBQ! Served with Sweet Potatoes & Zucchini. Protein 47g:, Carbs: 28g, Fat:6g, Cal: 488(LC)(GF)

B. Jamaican Jerk Chicken - Lean chicken breast slow cooked in Jamaican flavors. Brown Rice & Broccoli. Protein 47g:, Carbs: 28g, Fat:5g, Cal: 475 (LC)(GF)

C. Glazed Turkey Meatballs - A sweet & spicy merriment of goodness over turkey meatballs. Served with Brown Rice & Spinach. 49g, Carbs: 28, Fat: 12g, Calories: 511. (LC)(GF)

D. Salmon Meatballs - Salmon Meatball - Wild-Caught Salmon seasoned with organic spices and parsley, molded with on a bed of Red Cabbage & Shredded Carrots with Garlic Cream dressing. Protein: 35g, Carbs: 28, Fat: 5g, Calories: 392. (LC)(GF)

E. Shrimp Gumbo & Grits - Louisiana's Cajun Stew comes to you this holiday season! Shrimp & Grits! Protein: 25g, Carbs: 25, Fat: 4g, Calories: 325. (LC)(GF)

F. Grilled Hoisin Steak - Chef Special Hoisin Sauce to fire-grilled steak. Serviced with Baked Potato Wedges & Broccoli. Protein:36g, Carbs: 35g, Fat:12g, Cal: 392. (LC)(GF)


Chicken Fajita - Chef's Special South-of-the-Border spices into a shredded chicken breast, over our Signature Red Brown Rice and Spinach. Protein: 47g, Carbs: 28g, Fat: 3g, Calories: 495 (LC) (GF)

Chili Turkey - Ground turkey slow cooked with tomatoes, green chilis, black beans and our signature Tex-Mex seasoning. Served with Brown Rice and Broccoli. Protein: 46g, Fat: 12g, Carbs: 28g, Calories: 502

Fit Burger- Fit Burger over beef patty, provolone cheese with our house-famous chef sauce. Protein: 38, Carbs: 18, Fat: 17, Calories: 417 (LC) (GF)


Bacon Breakfast Bowl- Scrambled egg whites, green bell peppers, with bacon & chicken breast and home-style potatoes Protein: 46g Carbs: 37g Fat: 12g Calories: 374 (LC)(GF)

Dark Chocolate Chips Chocolate Protein Pancakes- Dark Chocolate Chip Chocolate Pancakes infused with protein powder. Protein: 47g, Carbs: 54g, Fat: 12g, Calories: 512

Blueberry Overnight Oats- Oatmeal mixed with Greek yogurt, almond milk, protein powder served with blueberries. P: 50g C: 69g F: 7g Cal: 406